Safety, comfort and efficiency are the top priorities when you live in Northern Colorado. Which is exactly why Air Repair has risen to be the top choice for all residential heating and air conditioning needs for Colorado home owners! We provide superior service at the best price, and do it all with a smile.

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HVAC Tune-Ups & Maintenance

In an average Colorado home, as much as half of the energy you use/ pay for, goes to heating and cooling. So, making smart decisions about how your home’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilating system work, is a must. Making the “right” decisions here, can end up saving you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills, and increase you and your families comfort, annually.

To put it in perspective, you can look at it this way; with one simple tune-up, your car can improve your gas mileage greatly. This is the same concept for heating and air! With just one annual tune-up, your homes heating and air systems can work with increased efficiency, as well as an increased ability to provide your family with comfort. What could be better, and simpler than that? That answer is nothing! Well, except having our ENERGY STAR heating and cooling equipment installed, that just might save you more money than you will know what to do with.

HVAC Check-Ups

You know when it’s time to get your HVAC equipment looked at. If your home has been using the same system without change for 12+ years, or your system just isn’t keeping your house or family comfortable anymore, than it time to have it evaluated. Air Repair knows the interworkings and common faults of every HVAC system out there, and better yet, they know how to get it back into tip-top shape to revive your comfort. Our technicians are all trained and capable of fixing, enhancing, replacing and upgrading any HVAC system, to give every customer the satisfaction that the job has been done right, and done well.

And depending on where you live, replacing your old heating and cooling systems with any of our ENERGY STAR pieces of equipment could qualify your annual energy bill to be cut by nearly $200. So, before you invest in a new HVAC system, make sure you check out your options.

Nobody wants to have their system replaced for no reason. Give Air Repair a call and we will check your system for leaks, and make sure you are getting the most for your money. And, we always offer free estimates.