1. Residential HVAC Service and Repair

    As the heat arrives in Northern Colorado, our minds turn to breaking out the boat, the jet skis heading to the mountains for weekends of camping, and turning on the air conditioning so we can sleep comfortably at night. But sometimes the AC doesn’t turn on as it should or seems to be providing little relief from the heat despite high energy bills. If you live in the Greeley area, you can turn to…Read More

  2. Furnace and HVAC Maintenance Plans

      When you are the new owner of a home, you maybe have a renewed determination to make sure your furnace and or heat pump is well maintained so that it doesn’t break down and so that it lasts as long as it can. Taking care of your furnace and HVAC system will save you money and stress in the years to come. Comfort By Nature is here to serve you and your HVAC system, with repair services, re…Read More

  3. Geothermal vs. Solar

    If you are considering a move from the electric grid, there are several types of alternative energy sources that can make your shift easy and that will lower your utility bills, without compromising the comfort in your home or business. We are Greeley’s Top Rated Local® HVAC company, and we offer heat pump and furnace service and install, and we also service geothermal heating and cooling syste…Read More

  4. Help Your Heater Help You!

    As the winter temperature take a nosedive, your utility bills can skyrocket. If you don’t remember your bills being this high in previous years, or you are in a new home this year, there are some steps you can take to make sure your heating unit is not working overtime unnecessarily. Your heating and cooling experts in Greeley at Comfort By Nature have some tips for you to make sure you are not …Read More

  5. How to Stay Warm This Winter

    Comfort By Nature is your heating and cooling experts serving Northern Colorado. We offer services for residential and commercial customers. We service existing systems and install new systems as well. We install and repair both heating and cooling systems with ease. Now that the bitter cold has struck we are sure to get some emergency calls from people whose furnaces just can’t handle the burde…Read More

  6. Is Your Home As Energy Efficient as it Could Be?

    With colder temperatures already overdue, we know that when they finally arrive, they will hit us with an intensity that winters in Northern Colorado always deliver with bitterly cold temperatures, blizzards, and cold winds blowing off of the Great Plains. When these winter winds come howling and you come home cold and tired from the outdoor activities that Coloradans are known for, you’ll want …Read More

  7. Winter Heat Pump Issues?

    Comfort By Nature is the Greeley area’s HVAC repair service to call if you are having trouble with your HVAC. If your home is dependent on a heat pump to keep you warm in the winter, you may be finding that it can’t keep up with the demand. Heat pumps are not known for working well under 35 degrees F. In Colorado, during winter, 35 can be a warm spell, not a cold snap. Besides keeping your fir…Read More

  8. Make HVAC Maintenance a Fall Chore

    Few of us want to admit it, but summer is coming to a close. The wildflowers are going to seed and the squirrels are busy gathering the acorns that are finally ripe. Sure, the skiing will be compensation for the lack of warm temperatures, but there is still autumn to get through and  there are responsibilities to be taken care of around the house before the snow fall and you head up I-70 for a po…Read More

  9. geothermal heating and cooling system

    Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Geothermal?

      Does yet another huge summer cooling bill have you questioning your life choices? Or at least your method of cooling your house? If you are cooling and heating your home with a heat pump, there are some things you should know. Heat Pump Limitations As you have likely noticed, heat pumps work best when it is either mildly cold or mildly hot out. When the temperatures starts to reach into the…Read More

  10. Two Tips to Avoid Summertime Commercial HVAC Breakdowns

    Living in Northern Colorado means experiencing the extremes of weather with a cheerful attitude. We try to enjoy the heat while we’ve got it, knowing that the summers are short and that, before we know it, the snow and cold wind will return.  The forecast for the last half of June is calling for temperatures in the upper 80s and even the mid-90s. This means that your commercial HVAC system will…Read More